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Green groups demand cancellation of certificates in Galicia and UruguayTags: Spain, Plantations

From the galician ecologist movement to the FSC

In Galicia, we have been suffering for many years the consequences of the dreadful influence of the company ENCE in our natural environment and in our economy. The forestry branch of ENCE, dedicated to the monoculture and trading of eucalyptus wood for the manufacturing of pulp has played a role that has caused the impoverishment and abandonment of rural communities, abandonment of forestry lands, what causes a high risk of fire, has caused intense erosion of lands of its own and held with other companies due to the plantation methods applied, has used, on a massive basis, large volumes of pesticides that have caused the loss of biological diversity and the destruction of resources, has polluted streams and underground aquifers, has caused the loss of fitness of the forest for leisure purposes, has replaced natural systems protected by the Directive on Habitats and has caused the loss of quality of the landscape of the areas occupied by their activities...[Continue]

Ecuadorian groups challenge certificates and quit national FSC initiativeTags: Ecuador, national initiatives

Some of the founding members of the national Ecuadorian FSC group, CEFOVE, have announced their withdrawal from the initiative. The withdrawal of Fundación Altropico (and in particular Jaime Levy, who played an important role in the setting up of CEFOVE), as well as the Federation Awá and two individual members indicates the severity of the problems they have subsequently encountered. Their withdrawal is due to both the recent FSC certification of Endesa-Botrosa, and because of the general policy of CEFOVE.

CEFOVE is dominated by the economic chamber, where 5 companies (Setrafor S.A., Endesa, Botrosa, Acosa, Fundación Forestal Juan Manuel) from the Durini Holding Group have the majority of vote...[Continue]

Certified 'chainsaw criminals' in CameroonTags: Cameroon, Eurocertifor

This item was written by Philippe Chibani-Jacquot in Cameroon. (It is worth adding that Wijma had been called a 'Chainsaw Criminal' by Greenpeace in 2002.)

For the first time in Central Africa, a logging concession has been awarded an FSC certificate, which guarantees the sustainable management of forest resources. This certification has been criticised by environmental NGOs, who cite a number of weaknesses in the audit undertaken by the French certification company, Eurocertifor...[Continue]

Certified destruction of California's ancient redwood forestsTags: USA, SCS

The following was submitted by the Greenwood Earth Alliance

We are appalled at the Forest Stewardship Council activities in our region, specifically in Mendocino County, California, where the FSC's certifier, Scientific Certification Systems, certified a program of clear-cutting (with the absurd stipulation of a 50 year phase-out), pesticide use (no phase-out date; and including the use of imazapyr, a persistent pesticide that violates FSC guidelines), species extinction, and continued depletion of 235,000 acres of once magnificent redwood forest, now owned and being logged by the Fisher family of Gap Inc...[Continue]

FSC and the nightmare vision of forestry in the USTags: USA, Rainforest Alliance SmartWood

This was sent by Jon Mohler, October 2006

The West Coast Green homebuilding conference in San Francisco in September attracted 8,000 attendees, most of them groping toward a solution to this problem: Forty percent of world industrial output goes toward construction. The United States, for example, consumes 27% of the planet's wood products, mostly for house construction. Most construction commodities receive little evaluation of their environmental impacts, and people at the conference were anxious for guidance.

Into the breach stepped the Rainforest Alliance (RA), headquartered in New York...[Continue]

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