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Logging at Clayoquot Sound - thanks to FSCTags: Canada, High Conservation Value Forests, Rainforest Alliance SmartWood

During the 1990s, Clayoquot Sound was the site of the largest anti-logging protests in Canada's history. Today FSC certification is legitimising industrial-scale logging in Clayoquot Sound.

FSC-watch recently received the photographs below of logging in Clayoquot Sound. The company involved is Ecotrust Canada, FSC-certified by SmartWood in 2006. "At the core of it all," says Kent Goodyear of Ecotrust, "we encourage the notion of people relating to where they live, and trying to live in a sustainable manner. This is the underlying principle that makes FSC a valuable conservation tool in my work."

The photographs came with the following note:

"How does this warrant FSC certification? It is a recipe for blowdown and slides on these weatherbeaten coastal mountains, not to mention the drastic loss of salmon. It took two of these monster barges to take out the bundles of old growth forests here in Rankin Cove in Clayoquot Sound, basically high-grading cedar."


Note the size of the person next to the logs


Aerial view of bundled old growth logs in Rankin Cove


Giant ancient cedar bundles


Log barge in Rankin Cove, 17 March 2008


Old growth bundles at Rankin Cove


Log bundles


Dear FSC Watch,

If your readers are interested, they can view more photographs, maps, and videos of Iisaak's FSC-certified logging in Clayoquot Sound on Ecotrust Canada's blog at:


We've also posted five minutes of raw aerial footage of cut blocks in Rankin Cover plus another video on a presentation on FSC in Clayoquot Sound on Youtube. Readers just need to search the words "iisaak" or "ecotrust canada."

Transparency absolutely does matter and we encourage more activists to post more photos of Iisaak's logging on this website. In the Rankin Cove area and other parts of Clayoquot Sound, there are horrendous clearcuts from the 1980s and early 1990s, and images of these clearcuts contrast starkly with Iisaak's ecosystem-based management approach with small patch cuts and variable retention.

I would also like to note that Kent Goodyear is with Ecotrust (USA) in Portland and does not work for Ecotrust Canada, which is a wholly independent, Canadian organization based in Vancouver with offices in Tofino and Courtenay on Vancouver Island.

We have many more images of Iisaak's logging operations and video too. We're more than happy to share these with activists.

Best regards,

Eric Enno Tamm
Communications Manager
Ecotrust Canada

Thanks for the comment Eric. The YouTube video you mention of Iisaak's logging operations is available here:

It's also worth watching these interviews with four activists who protested in the 1990s at Clayoquot Sound:

I was one of the people who got arrested and convicted for Clayoquot sound in 1993. If it's needed, I'll stand up for the forests again.

FSC is lie.

This is sad beyond belief.

I have not seen how the Black hole looks now. Sure would be nice to see some(clearcut) before and after pictures of the Black Hole. There is somethere there to learn from. Does the Black Hole really look so black now? Will it look black 60 years from now when are childred see it? I would think there is more wildlife there now than before they logged it. Its sad we dont focus more on value added forest products and focus less on exporting raw logs. Maybe the government could pass a avatar tax on our trees. We send logs to china then we buy it back, plywood from china? How much energy does it cost to send a tree around the world and cut it up into pieces than send it back?

Posted by David.

You are right. This is obvious : http://www.fsc-russia.com/eng/news-line/693

this wood was harvested in a very environmentally cautious manner.It just so happens there was a half years production in the bay at time of photos

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