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It is customary in many organisations to give out-going staff a photo-album showing the person's accomplishments, for them to cherish in future years. We can't do that for Heiko Liedeker, who is finally departing as FSC Executive Director, but what we would like to do with this posting is to show some of what has gone so badly wrong in the past - and what we expect the new Executive Director to put right.

We invite our readers to submit any other photographs that they would like to contribute!

Click on the image for an even clearer picture of what FSC has certified.


FSC certified monocultures and clearcuts - Sappi, Swaziland


'Environmentally acceptable' something or other (but no forests), Ireland


'Forest Contamination Council' warning posters deployed around FSC certified plantations in Ireland which are still using 'FSC-banned' alpha-cypermethrin, without a derogation from FSC


Visible from space (though Soil Association WoodMark couldn't see them): clearcuts, Ireland


FSC certified desolation, South Africa


Certified outdoor fibre factory, Brazil


FSC certified enhancement of biodiversity, South Africa


FSC-certified Savoy public ex-forests, Massachusetts, USA (courtesy of Clearcutting Massachusetts' Public Forests)


Visible from space: FSC-certified clear-cuts, Savoy state forest, Massachusetts, USA (courtesy of Clearcutting Massachusetts' Public Forests)


FSC-certfied Coillte, Ireland, gets all the nasty exotic trees out of the way (so they can plant some more nasty exotic trees).


FSC certified sustainable clear-cuts, Canada


FSC-certified clear-cuts, Ireland


Soil Association-certified "improvement of soil structure" (in accordance with Principle 10), Ireland


FSC-certified "improvement of biological activity" (in accordance with Principle 10), Ireland


FSC-certified old growth high-graded cedar logs, Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia


FSC-certified 'just a little bit of damage to temperate rainforest', Victoria, Australia (courtesy of Hancock Watch)


FSC-certfied "enhancement of watersheds" (in accordance with Principle 5), Slovakia


Visible from space: FSC-certfied clearcuts, Canada


Ex-certified ex-forest, Maine, USA


Bye-bye, Heiko. Well done!


We will celebrate his departure in Ireland. Good riddens to Heiko Liedeker

You know that FSC hired Switzerland person working for World Bank and ITTO? I hear the name is Jorgen Balser? Can you confirm? You know any more?

The previous comment appears to be from Simon Counsell. He didn't actually make this post.

We'd suggest that whoever is impersonating Simon should ask FSC whether they have hired a new Executive Director.

Wow any more of these pictures? I would like to see more of these clearcut pictures. Thanks

look for example here:
its not a clearcut.... in Germany we have the different word: "Kahlschlag" means clearcut, cut down all trees over the earth, and we have the word: Totalräumung: mean takeout within the roots, the brenches and all. You take all Biomass out of the "forest"....( FSc make no differnt between these to devastation form...) This form is for the FSC sustainable ( I believe; the forest is sustainable take away, will need several hundred Year to come back in this form)

I was curious about something. I went into Google maps to check out the image from the area in Massachusetts, however now the image on google maps is showing what appears to be full-grown trees. Am I seeing the image wrong, is that just bushes? A full forest could not have grown back in 5 years. Is google editing the images to make it not look so terrible? Someone please help!


What was the date of the Google map image you were looking at?

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