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British Columbia: "FSC certification is a fraudulent scam"Tags: Canada, High Conservation Value Forests

This comes from Earthtreenews, 27 September 2007:

British Columbia

FSC Certification is a fraudulent scam to allow people to continue marketing old growth forests around the world. Here in Clayoquot Sound, the whine of chainsaws and the falling of giant trees starts at daylight, even on Sundays, as people watch bears from tour boats in Fortune Channel of Clayoquot Sound. When camping there recently, the howls of wolves during the night and the sight of mother bears with twin cubs playing on the beaches near where the logging is taking place is a shocking reminder that it is business as usual here. With Ecotrust, Coulson, Iisaak, Mamouk and Triumph Logging all operating in Clayoquot Sound taking out old growth forests created over thousands of years, it is discouraging that in what is called a UNESCO Biosphere, old growth forests are falling daily and salmon are threatened with the largest number of fish farms on the west coast of North America. (Broughton Archipelago is on the inside of Van. Island and has more) With some of the most amazing forests left in the world, Ecotrust has rationalized the ongoing logging of the some of the wonders of this Earth. It seems that the message of over 1000 people being arrested here to STOP the logging of old growth forests has fallen on deaf ears and industry is back at it where the big trees are still standing and available. The names of the companies are Native but the people behind it are not, it is still industrial logging in whatever name you want and there will be no trees left other than a few culturally modified ones which contain the historical use of the land by Indigenous Peoples for big dugout canoes and totem poles or nests for marbled murrelets and un touched places for all the thousands of species other than humans that depend upon this ancient forest for food, habitat and protectioin as well as climate stability...have we gone mad? Ecotrust needs to divest itself of logging interests in Clayoquot Sound and anywhere else old growth forests are falling now.

Sincerely, Susanne Hare


Well said. How many conservation groups do we have to fight?

and now it looks like FSC founding member, Russell Diabo is going to run for head of the AFN, Assembly of First Nations.

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