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Bureau Veritas: banned from Cameroon, but free to operate next door in GabonTags: Cameroon, Gabon, Accreditation controls, Bureau Veritas

Earlier this year, FSC-Watch reported on the curious circumstances surrounding the 'suspension' of Bureau Veritas's (BV) accreditation by FSC for, as yet unrevealed, problems with the certification of the Cameroonian rainforest logging company, Wijma. We now learn that, whilst Bureau Veritas remains prohibited from carrying out FSC certifications in Cameroon, it has just started the process of trying certify the massive logging operations of Rougier, in neighbouring Gabon.

FSC-Watch wonders, firstly: whether Rougier is aware of the somewhat less than distinguished record that BV has in the region, and secondly: what grounds the FSC has to believe that whatever it was that BV did that was so terrible in Cameroon won't simply be repeated in Gabon?


This is no news to me any more as I had already been shocked at the rate of forest crime, especially illegal logging in Almighty Cameroon, the headquarters of FSC Central African regional branch. Govīt officials as well as foreign loggers logg off the countryīs remaining historic rainforest with impunity, and in perfect harmony and collaboration. As the national economy bleeds into private offshore accounts, and as the the locals, especially forest-dependent peoples watch their resources and hopes of subsistence logged away with the trees, one hears echoes of FSCīs mirth and festivity at the award of millions of dollars and international accreditation from FERN as the perfect certifying scheme. I really wonder!

where do you come from? Off course it can't be any news to you because you know nothing from the on set. So why worry. You are a good example of an office or hotel ecologist. people who sit in hotel rooms (in the name of being on a mission) and write reports or say trash, just to distabilize the system.
Who ever told you about FSC Central AFrican Regional branch? Where did you get that from? What do you know about logging in Cameroon? Off course nothing. why did I even bother to ask!
For your information, forest royalties are paid, logging taxes are paid, transport taxes are paid and all these benefit the local dependent people, whom if left on thier own with the forest, they can only put the forest on fire to get agricultural land. So which is better? The forest revenues (which is not little I can assure you) or see the forest go in fire with all the consequences thereafter (pollution, killing the soil, etc.)???
For your information, forest management is fast growing in Central Africa, and since you are a hotel room ecologist, most of the information you see on the net or the press, is just a justification of mission allowances and subventions acquired by hotel room and office ecologists like you. If you go to the feild, I bet you, you will never sit to write such trash again.

Mr. Ali baba,
Could you tone down your vile personal attacks. You know nothing about Ralph or myself for that matter. It is very sad to see your resorting to villification rather than engaging reasonable concerns. Do you get your money from logging? I bet yes, and if so it is you that is compromised.

Man, after severak years of silence, I come back to retort what the government official, Ali Baba said about forests and forest people. Mr Ali, why do u care where I come from and what I do? The truth has nothing to do with one's origin or occupation, as long as that truth is "true" and is served hot down the throats of guilty gluttons like forest managers, whether private or governmental. And I would wanna bet that u do belong to either of these categories. Have u really been to a forest field where logging takes place? I doubt it. Have u realy ever talked to the locals to find out what alternatives to bushfires and overgrazing is given to them? No, u certainly have no time to listen to those from whose woes u make a convenient living. Live their forests to them and show them how to manage it by themselves. Or if u must logg all the trees away with no regard to their carbon absorbtion ability, then at least develop the local environment of the forest origin. Schools, good pipe borne water, roads, and alternative farming systems and crops would be the least that these poor souls from whom you feed off can expect from u. Unfortunately for u, some of your governmental colleagues have acknowledged the suffering they nail on these poor souls. Time u satrted acknowledging it and doing something about it, rather than caring only to fatten your already bloated belly.

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