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Ecuadorian groups challenge certificates and quit national FSC initiativeTags: Ecuador, national initiatives

Some of the founding members of the national Ecuadorian FSC group, CEFOVE, have announced their withdrawal from the initiative. The withdrawal of Fundación Altropico (and in particular Jaime Levy, who played an important role in the setting up of CEFOVE), as well as the Federation Awá and two individual members indicates the severity of the problems they have subsequently encountered. Their withdrawal is due to both the recent FSC certification of Endesa-Botrosa, and because of the general policy of CEFOVE.

CEFOVE is dominated by the economic chamber, where 5 companies (Setrafor S.A., Endesa, Botrosa, Acosa, Fundación Forestal Juan Manuel) from the Durini Holding Group have the majority of vote. Their allies are COMAFORS (organization of 8 plywood-particle-fibre-board companies) and AIMA (National Association of Timber Industry), the company PROFAFOR S.A. of Luis Fernando Jara (FSC plantations group) (member of environmental chamber!) and the largest Ecuadorian NGO Fundación Natura (all CEFOVE members). The resignation letter of Fundacion Altropico is available for download below. RenunciaCEFOVEALTROPICO.doc


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